M​.​O​.​A​.​C "Meditating On A Comet"

by Panther Matumona

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Panther Matumona releases his long awaited single “M.O.A.C (Meditating On A Comet)” from the highly anticipated EP “Die Before Dawn” produced by Panther Matumona himself. This single was meant to spark the young indigo minds and explore the world of introspect, shattering the chains of human nature at the level of the individual.


Nigga I'm the one who got away,
told my mama I'll be gone looking for a better day,
Life is crazy and it left a little something heavy fuckin with a nigga brain.
Cause now,
The shit crystal clear like a Getty image, but I can se the clouds,
Brain storm till the rain gone then a nigga walkin outside with my chains on.
Lookin like I'm tryna play God with my halo lit,
I'm coming with the wisdom that Plato did
Now I gotta tell the dogs go sit
Cause role models actin softer than a playdough dick.

I feel like its my soundtrack chillin in a helicopter flying over top of the amazon...uhh,
Young black skin educated deep stay calm but I speak like Farrakhan.
I feel like I gotta pick between the song and the money fast track to becoming just a ex-con,
Its been a minute since I felt the tribulations weigh me down nigga uhhh!
So does that mean I'm close to wearing a crown?
Or am I numb do I just not hear the sound that my heart makes when I get connected to the ground,
sitting cross legged on a comet,
Meditating on it,
Third eye open, zonin cross over for a moment E.T phone homin'
And nigga I don't ever wanna land,
Nigga I am not the Son of Sam, and I really don't care bout' these Ewok niggas tryna jump into the dance.
You walkin' with a Vancity Giant,
And all these othe niggas is lyin'
Lookin for my holy grail, nigga Imma find it,
And Imma hold on to it till im dyin',
And if the devil still lookin' Imma bind him,
Let the smoke cascade when I light him,
Ya'll niggas heard me,
Let the smoke cascade when I light him.
Set the devil on fire X4


I didn't really mean to leave you,
I didnt really mean to go,
I really really wanted to see you
I just wanna let you know

I wanna make you proud
Just wanna make you proud
Just wanna make you proud
Just wanna make you proud


released April 3, 2015
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Panther Matumona Montreal, Québec

Panther Matumona, a self-produced Vancouver-raised Zambian artist, instrumentalist fuses the sounds of modern Hip-Hop, R&B, and Triumph Beat. While functioning as a solo act, Panther has begun to push the bar putting musicality and rhythm at the focus t of his high-energy performance.

Panther Matumona has shared stages with artists such as Onyx, Ab-Soul, Joey Badass, and Freddie Gibbs.
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