Level 9000

by Panther Matumona

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Traitors round me actin like sheep
They surrounin while a nigga earn my keep
I dont wear no bandanas
Knuckle down we gonna go bananas
Sorta like a slaughtered calf i like to bleed the track
Let it fall put us on the map
Kill a verse and watch it give you life
Then i beat my chest like a silver back
Im like

Eyes Closed
3rd eye open there i go
That liquid gold on my halo
Imma Astral project while im drippin of sweat
I got your girl lookin sideways glisten on my my neck
Prolly cause my purple aura touchin through her vest
Look up in my DNA my nigga see i live the west
Coast man thats the code man thats the embed
Fuck the rest
Never let ya ears fall deaf
Matumona means i Command respect
Matumona means im not scared of death
Fuck with me or mine sendin love to the bench Oh yeaaa
Recharge reset for me
The rap game forever in debt to me
Good Lord I only ask you stay next to me
Never let a evil woman get to me
Never let emotion get the best of me
Mixin up the potion in the laboratory ay
You gon hear my glory they gon tell my story
If you aint fuckin wit me please jump seven stories ay
When you fall down and die you'll relate to me ay
You might stop shooting all this hate to me ay
I might tell your girl to get in shape for me ay
I might catch you at my show going ape for me

We say fuck the system and we takin everything that we can get
If you loyal we eatin never defeated no stress no sweat

Lady from imperia i gotta getcha
Lookin slim thick bitch you need to send a picture
Meditating on a comet tryna get some peace of mind
On the other side ways to get a lot of feria
For my mother
And my grams in the hospital in Zambia
Gotta hold down the whole family I
Traveled cross the country and i blindly tried....
Came to find out that my auntie died
So i grind with a tear in my sharky eye
Hope that you can feel my pain partly ahh?
Spit cold like the north that sparked me Im....
Awake to the death and whatever's beyond



released October 30, 2016
Lyrics By Panther Matumona
Produced By Jei Bandit



all rights reserved


Panther Matumona Montreal, Québec

Panther Matumona, a self-produced Vancouver-raised Zambian artist, instrumentalist fuses the sounds of modern Hip-Hop, R&B, and Triumph Beat. While functioning as a solo act, Panther has begun to push the bar putting musicality and rhythm at the focus t of his high-energy performance.

Panther Matumona has shared stages with artists such as Onyx, Ab-Soul, Joey Badass, and Freddie Gibbs.
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