Blood & Joy

by Panther Matumona

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    Physical CD of Blood & Joy - Panther's debut EP.
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Debut Solo EP Featuring Production By Joshua "Panther" Matumona & Pomo


released July 27, 2012

Produced by: Josh Matumona, David Pimentel
Additional Production By: Adam Riddle
Mixed by: Adam Riddle, David Pimentel, Cody Taylor
Recorded at: Golden Throat Studios, Vancouver BC
Mastered by: Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering
Intro Sound Design by: Kevin Regamey,
Album Artwork by: Rogerio Fires
Album Cover Makeup by: Meghan MacDonald
Cover Photo By: Ariel Gelmon

Management & Booking: Tamir Schlanger

Special Thanks To: David Matumona, Helene Matumona, The Supafly, Sam Feldman, The Cadre Crew, The Foundation Crew, Vantastic Crew, HHK Crew, Beatroute Crew, Roni Schlanger,
Jellyfish Recordings, Dan Tanner, Tonye Aganaba, Alex Bastide,
Kyle Burtchett, David Hawkes, Patrick Haggart, Ray Mosaic, White Girls, Meghan MacDonald (Cutie Pie), Z+G Productions, Nicole Richardson, Ariel Gelmon, Rogerio Fires, Condor,
Mom & Dad, 4, Dodo, Doodoo Butter, Special Needs Barbie, Bodo Baggins, Hot Cheeks, Dominique LeBlanc



all rights reserved


Panther Matumona Montreal, Québec

Panther Matumona, a self-produced Vancouver-raised Zambian artist, instrumentalist fuses the sounds of modern Hip-Hop, R&B, and Triumph Beat. While functioning as a solo act, Panther has begun to push the bar putting musicality and rhythm at the focus t of his high-energy performance.

Panther Matumona has shared stages with artists such as Onyx, Ab-Soul, Joey Badass, and Freddie Gibbs.
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Track Name: Blood & Joy
Some like it cold like the winter,
But me I keep it warm keep it warm like dinner,
In fact I keep it hot like summer you wonder wether you wanna get under cover brother you better get an umbrella before you

Melt like hot butter in a pan panther, im comin to take the land with a gang of fans say no to the man
Beats heavy like 6 fat women in a minivan
Drink juice wit the henney and
Im schoolin these rappers like all of my minons
And I still act friendly
Fake niggas dont ever come near me
Never gon see me in the dark kinda stealthy like silent farts
And they wonder why they dig my art
Keep it on point like a dart
feed it to the crowd like sharks
illin cause I play my part

beats go down from the bone to the heart
You know better than to fuck widda alien slowin niggaz down like riddlin
Im rap music peddlin wit the melanin niggaz like naw not again
Not again why you goin round meddlin do it cause I stay so relevant
Hooligan loose in the wind I do it and I do it all again


I do it for the love
Do it for my city
Do it so the real live niggaz come wit me
I do it for my blood
Do it for the joy
Keep my feet rooted to the ground wit my boys X2

just got carpel tunnel, leave me alone in my zone my bubble
release the beast when its on
Piercing the song
Speech from the bong like trouble
Release the raps on attack
Punchlines like rat traps on a mat,
serve that fresh like postman pat when I bleed on the track you could see wuddido where we at
Vancity man thats my clik shoutout to chi city mane thats my shiy
Track I get it and I gut it like fish when I want it yo bitch gon suck my kiss
Chili peppers im the king wheres my crown bitch wheres my scepter
Betta put it in my hand for I get in that rectum
bitches I disrespect em the haters well I correct em riches im tryna collect em
Wont hesitate to deck em of they fuckin wit my section
Cant find my brain so you can say I lost my recollection,
This is the ressurection of rap on the northside if I had competition I prolly swat em of like horseflies
So sit back relax and watch me drown em all at lowtide,
Leave em in hip hop obituaries on the roadside

Track Name: Endgame (Prod. by DaveP)
follow me young fella.
these otha niggas softer than a fuckin marshmella....
you already know im betta revolutionary nigga nelson mandela......
you will neva find 1 realer wild nigga in the streets yellin wat pomp yella. Yea..on my grizzle boy. Whateva the weather and em girls tryna catch a nigga cootie like fela. Yeah..
browse bitches tryna play me but they fuckin wit the caliber o nigga simply just wont letta..
Cant a young nigga get money anymore?........
See dem niggas careers is draggin on the floor...
tell dem niggas its the endgame..
this type o rap nigga sumthin like a chaingang
bullyfoot blast..bout to level the plane man.
You won evn eva see it comin
What I gotta do to make you mahfuckas realize im the best.and my longer resides in my chest ah hah.
Im about. To put the world to the test. And we out for sucess no more no less.......
Yall ain gettin cake no more....lock yo door nigga it aint safe no more.....
what u call it when you fuckin wit the supafly..suicide its a suicide


Can you deny
Its do or die..
Fuckin wit my cliq
It must be suicide

They wonder why the flow. So. Masterful..
I ain any otha nigga that you met. Before..
mad. Dash. Fo fast. Cash. And ass fo sho..
fuck. Wimme take a trip into the hospital..
World. Class im the baddest..
I go Hard got a head like a callous..
Catch me in the back with you bad bitch braless
Prolly why them niggas get to jockin on my phallus.
Who the fuck is you.huh...?
Why dis bitch tryna tell me wuddido. Huh...?
Duct tape on a closed mouth.......
Put some dick. On dat ho couch
bout to mash the game agadashi tofu
Supersaiyan in dis bitch you can call me goku..
You call it rap. Shit yea I call I soul food yeah... Dont choke

What I gotta do to make you mahfuckas realize im the best and my heart.. No, longer resides in my chest ah hah.
bout. To put the whole world to the test and we out for sucess no more no less.......
Yall ain gettin cake no more....
lock yo door nigga it aint safe no more.....
what u call it when you fuckin wit yhe supafly..suicide it a suicide

Can you deny
Its do or die..
Fuckin wit my cliq
It must be suicide

Wasting my time you wastin my...
Track Name: Unstoppable
He was born into a city of black leaders.
Gat. Peelers an heavy crack dealers..
niggas tuckin heat in they pants wit wife beaters
It dont get, no, deeper than that..strip teasers aint afraid to catch you slip an put a knife in ya back.
His mom couldnt raise him and a father he lack.
Cause they was hittin bottom emptyin dem bottles o yak.
But he was sharp. Young nigga thinkin on the attack.
Smarter than niggas akin like gorillas blowin em racks,
The kids playin hide and seek in the streets
Where the trees got bullet holes in em from the past tragedies.cause the beast want em to keep, puttin emselves to sleep
So they send gats to the hood sprayin manganese
The life force is weak.
And the death toll creepin...
life, is cheap so the rest keep eatin
thevdeath gon happen so the rest keep cheatin
and the people got a voice. But ainobody speakin


You cannot keep me down
No you cant stop the sound
You'll never hurt me i wont hit the ground
You know I've come before
And I'll be back for more
So you should know that im unstoppable

He spent his time watchin em dope dealers.
Pimps and em snort coke niggas.
Tricks hoes and killas widdem hair triggas...
Drugs lust an money for them street scholars.
And em thugs will do anythin fo quick dolla.
Live fast and die young be the anthem.
Hard to spend a week without bullets flyin tandem at random
Government brand em'
Givin dime bags to the cops so they plant em
Iss real...
Call em black misfits abandonned fail.
Cause one in 8 young black males go to jail
Gets deep nigga.
And some nights it aint safe yo go to sleep nigga.
The hood goin thru a civil rights breach.
Its harder to be a Bob Marley stead of Big Meech cause authorities cant stop lyin thru their teeth
The system steady blood suckin like a leech need a loud voice so that you could hear the hood speak nigga